Live, Love, Blend:
Ready To Remarry?

When couples marry, they jump in with a variety of beliefs about marriage.  Beliefs about the roles of husbands and wives, or how spouses communicate, or what a healthy sex life looks like.  These beliefs are based on our own upbringing, the other marriages within our families, even the relationships we’ve observed in the media.  When that first marriage fails, some beliefs are shattered and other new ones take their place.

Any of these sound familiar?

“My ex is at fault for the collapse of our marriage.”

“Now that I’ve been in a bad marriage, I know what a good one will require.”

“As long as I marry someone completely different this time, my needs will be met.”

“I am so glad to be rid of that first spouse, I don’t need time to heal before entering a new relationship.”


I’m not saying that these beliefs are wrong, but I am saying that unless couples take the time BEFORE THE WEDDING to unpack these beliefs, they may find themselves with a lot of unexpected baggage hidden under the marital bed.

Already remarried?  It’s not too late!


One tool that might help is this book 101 Questions to Ask Before you Get Engaged.  Perhaps tackle one question a day.  My husband and I are just starting on this book and we’ve been married nearly 5 years.  It’s never too late to breathe new life into your relationship.  Especially in a blended family when each new day is such an adventure.  Embark and Enjoy!