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Good Enough Mother And The 2015 Pay It Forward Program.. Finding “Mini-Moments”

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Good Enough Mother And The 2015
Pay It Forward Program..
Finding “Mini-Moments”

As many of you who follow know, one of my baby birds is about to leave the nest for college. Casey and I have covered a lot of miles going on college visits and bonded in ways I never thought we could (side note: it’s great being in the car with your teen with nothing but the scenery to talk about). Along with realizing how well we get along (and how much I’m going to miss her), there has been another, very sobering realization…. finding ways to pay for her education.

Deciphering the financial piece of the college puzzle is not for the faint of heart; the average cost of tuition ranges from just over $9,000 a year for public institutions to just over $31, 000 for private schools. Figuring out how to pay for that has kept more than one parent from a good night’s sleep.

You’ll recall I told you that Good Enough Mother was partnering with Coca Cola for its 2015 Pay It Forward Program (you can read my first post and learn more about the program and how to nominate a deserving teen here).


Steve Harvey 

Radio and TV Personality Steve Harvey is heavily involved in this too as it is a cause near and dear to him. So each Thursday on his radio show, Steve is sharing a Coke Mini Moment; a little nugget that will help us as parents set our teens up for collegiate success.

But if you missed the Coke Mini Moments on the show, there’s another way to find them.

Go to the Coca Cola Pay It Forward home page and head over the to the Coke Mini Moments/Tips and Tools section of the site.

Tab down a bit and check out the wealth of information there. I did it the other day and much to my delight, found the first article details mini ways to save toward college; heck you can even download a PDF to place somewhere as a reminder.

OOOOH! Happy dance by me.. Why? Because we were already doing many of the things suggested! Casey has picked up extra babysitting jobs and I have already spoken to her about getting a job on campus (wherever she ends up going) to help defray the cost.

But most impressive to me is that my super smart daughter has taken it upon herself to look for college scholarships. She’s understanding the biggest lesson of all; pennies= dollars and every little bit counts.

One of the things I think is most important is that Casey will be invested in her own education and the outcome. I know she will be serious about getting good grades because she had to work hard to get the money.

So far so good; Casey was just accepted into one of the colleges of her choice and waiting to hear from the others! It’s a very exciting time for us and I am one proud mom!

Hey don’t forget, you can take part on the Coca Cola Pay It Forward Program! Click here to nominate a deserving teen for a chance to win a mentorship experience with Steve Harvey at the Coca Cola Pay It Forward Academy, plus a $5,000 scholarship!

Disclosure: The Coca-Cola Company provided promotional consideration for my participation in this program.


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