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Ask Rene: Child Modeling – Yay Or Nay?


Ask Rene:
Child Modeling – Yay Or Nay?


Hi Rene,

My wife, Ali, and I are currently at war over an issue regarding our 7-year-old daughter Kayla. Here’s the back-story.

Kayla is a very pretty little girl and recently a friend of my wife’s passed on a few of her photos to a local modeling agent. As a result Kayla’s now been offered some modeling work.

The shots themselves are pretty innocuous – she’ll be posing for a kid’s fashion range. But as a father I’m worried about putting Kayla’s pictures out for all to see, especially with the Internet.

I’m also concerned by Ali’s attitude and the messages she’s going to send to our daughter. I love my wife but she can also be a little shallow at times and is obsessed with the way she looks and her weight and diet. I’m worried this new venture is going to expose our daughter to a world I don’t want her to be a part off.

What do you think Rene? Am I worrying too much here? And would you ever let Casey go down the modeling road?


Robert in San Diego



Hey Robert:

Whoa, I hear a lot of stuff in this letter. First there’s your concern for your daughter’s safety and I get that. But more than that, the fact that your wife seems to be hell-bent on a modeling career for your daughter, against your protests, is very troubling. That said, here’s how I see it.


1. Concern About Kayla's Photos On The Internet

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I get what you’re saying regarding the photos but if you, your wife or a friend has ever posted a picture of Kayla on a social networking site, well then she’s out there. Of course candid shots during the family vacation are one thing, modeling clothing with make-up and professional lighting is something else.  If you’ve ever watched an episode of TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras you know how grown up these girls can look. And speaking of that show . . .

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