Single Mom Slice of Life:
The Perfect Plan Of Playing Hooky

Imagine if you will, the plan – the perfect plan – of a single mom, her 14 year old son, their plan to have the ultimate ditch day, eat every meal in a restaurant, and watching at least 3 movies at the theater while other people are at work and school.

Now imagine real life. My life.

Already accepting of the fact that I will never win Mother of the Year, I have always had a deal with my boys that they can have one mental illness day a year. They may be younger, but they’re still human, and what human doesn’t need a day every now and again to just… reset?

It was a good plan…

Now, my evil genius of a son decided to choose February 17th as his mental illness day. I have on occasion been accused of, and will often admit to, not fully listening to a conversation. My kids say it’s because I’m old (I’m all of 40 years old). I say it’s because I’m a single mom, working one full time job, volunteer several hours a week, write part time, and… you know… attempt to have a life on top of all of that. So, every once in a while, a detail or three tend to slip by…

Like how February 17th is the day AFTER February 16th… a holiday… a day Justin already had off from school. Even as I requested the day off (I’ve never been good at playing hooky) my boss laughed, stating what a brilliant plan it was to end up with a four day weekend, I realized I should pay better attention.

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But, what was done was done, so the day was ours.

It was a solid plan…

We slept in. We looked up movie times. We made plans to try out the new donut place, the old Mexican food place, the ice cream place we didn’t remember having ever opened up.

Ok, yeah, sure, he looked a little flushed – but I thought it was from the super hot shower he took. In hindsight he was sneezing a bit more than normal, but the winds have picked up lately and he suffers from allergies. Sure, his eyes were a little watery, but – you know – allergies.

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But he’s suffered from allergies for years. He’s pushed through it before. If he can make it through school, tests, family functions when his allergies have attacked, then surely he can push through The Kingsman, Jupiter Ascending, and the Seventh Son, right?

We thought so too… and then we went to Denny’s for pancakes.

It was a fool proof plan…

The watery eyes led to a runny nose. The runny nose turned into a body wracking cough. The wracking cough resulted in pancake being shot across the restaurant when he couldn’t cover his mouth fast enough… which turned into a generous tip for the waitress for having to deal with us.

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In the end, our day off was spent on the couch watching a few movies courtesy of Redbox. Our glutton filled day of donuts, tacos and butter pecan ice cream ended up being homemade chicken soup. What promised to be Monopoly battle to the death ended up in a nap.

As we sat on the couch, eating the chicken soup, Justin leaned over, laid his head on my shoulder and declared me the best mom ever.

Heck yeah I am!

What about you? Has there been a day you saw one way, but ended up going in a completely different direction? Even if it didn’t go the way you planned, is it something you’ll remember for different reasons?