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Monday Morning Motivation: The 3 Pillars Of Success


Monday Morning Motivation:
The 3 Pillars Of Success


Hey all! Happy Monday from Appleton, Wisconsin where it’s a balmy -11 degrees at the time of this writing.

No lie.

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But freezing fingertips are not going to stop me from speaking to the folks at Kimberly Clark.

They heard about my story and invited me to come out for their Black History Month program.



Last night I was out with the organizers and as we were getting acquainted, they asked if I was happy, among other things.

Well, you know how I feel about the, “Are you happy” question..

But then they asked if I had found my passion.. whether I viewed myself as a success.

Hmm.. that’s a hard one to answer.

I think it’s hard for me to answer because success looks so different to me now.

Before it was a big job, big paycheck, big corner office with a fluffy sofa in it.

But I was also working on someone else’s terms. I didn’t have the freedom of expression I have now and I was terrified of losing that job, which ultimately did happen.

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I think I can best sum up what success looks like this way:

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I’ll never forget back when I had that big gig, with the big paycheck and office with the comfy sofa, how afraid I was. Truly. Always afraid. Why? Because I was always terrified of saying the wrong thing. The thing was, it was the wrong thing; it just wasn’t right for them. So they tried to force this square peg into a round hole and it just didn’t work. I was always getting calls from the big office across town, telling me not to laugh at this or that (side note: ME? Not laugh? You must be kidding). The result? I didn’t do my best work. I wasn’t free to be me. Now I am.

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No matter how high the hill or tough the climb, one of the things that keeps me going is the fact that every day I have a new chance to try again. I’m hopelessly optimistic, convinced that radical, head-spinning success is around the corner. I have worked too hard for it not to be. The decidedly unsexy part of that requires me to chase down every lead, turn over every stone, shake the branches of every tree because sometimes those opportunities are hard to find. But I am up to the task so that’s what I do.

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For me and what I do now,  there is no safety net; I HAVE to make it work. That means sometimes money is (very) tight; sometimes I have to do without. Sometimes I’m barely surviving and sometimes it takes its toll on me. But when I back away from the day-to-day and instead, look at the year-to year, I am incredibly proud and satisfied of the work I have done. I built a brand myself; I didn’t use publicists or have the backing of a big TV job. I did it on my own, no small feat. I am proud of that.

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What are the hallmarks of success to you? Is it about money?

Oh and by the way,  if you’re interested in having me come speak to your group, click here!

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