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What Matters Most: 9 Things I’ve Learned As A Mom of 9 Kids

What Matters Most:
9 Things I’ve Learned As A Mom of 9 Kids

I’ve been a Mom for almost 20 years. Sure seems like I’d have some kind of profound sense that I am not just older but am also wiser.

In retrospect, I’d say there is this gentle, yet tangible, uprising of strength that has grown from within over the last few years that I would not trade for all my younger, insecure and self doubting years.

Off the top of my head I came up with 9 practical and fun things that I’ve learned from parenting my unpredictable and amazing 9 kids…but most importantly I’ve learned to relax more, not to sweat the little stuff and enjoy all the good that God has placed right in front of me.


1. Be Their Biggest Cheerleader

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So often we are caught up in correcting or what I call barking orders at our kids. We tell them to go to bed, get out of bed, get your homework done, clean your room...that is NOT clean, you're not wearing THAT to the Mall...and on and on.

Somewhere I read that what we say to our kids becomes the voice they hear in their head. Let that sink in a little...What do you want that voice to be saying?

I'm working on being purposeful in telling each of my kids three positive things each day and it is making a difference in their life and in our home life.

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