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Okay, I know it’s the dead of winter. You’re probably shivering under a blanket somewhere, unless you are in Hawaii, California or Florida in which case I’m wondering why you did not invite me.

But you know what’s coming? Summer.. and that means shorts and bathing suits.

The time to work on your summer body is not 3 weeks before the warm weather hits.. the time is NOW and we’ve got a deal for you.

As you know, I got serious about my own fitness last year. I was tired of being flabby and tired so I hired a trainer.

Nicole Sanders has worked with many of Hollywood’s elite and her success stories can be seen all over the red carpet.

When I started working with her I had specific goals in mind; namely I wanted to shape and tone-up as well as add muscle.

She was able to do that for me and more! My metabolism sped up, my waist (and everything else) slimmed down and I felt great!

Now you have the same chance too… and you don’t even need to be in the same room!

Introducing Ladimax Sports And Fitness ONLINE FITNESS TRAINING! And it’s at a price you can’t afford to pass up.

For less than the cost of lunch or dinner out, you can sign up for one month of Ladimax online training.

The program includes an assessment, a program tailored just for you, regular feedback, guidance on goal-setting, high-level accountability and accessibility to Nicole. But don’t take it from me; listen to Nicole’s explanation:

Are you tired of going to the gym everyday, eating right and doing endless cardio yet your body still looks the same? Do you still do the same routine the trainer gave you two years ago? Have you fallen off your routine and just can’t seem to get it back? Will you be embarrassed in the family photos taken at THE event of the year? How are you going to prepare for the one thing that you have always wanted to do but can’t because of your fitness level?

Think of an athlete. Every single one, whether professional or amateur, has had a coach to guide them to success.


online training

I have spent almost two decades transforming bodies whether it is over several months or in a few short weeks based on their fitness needs. Sometimes one client’s needs may require me to be away from the gym for a period of time. I don’t want that to affect my other clients , so I created MuscleMenu, a plan that translates to success in and outside the gym, on and offline, male or female, no matter your age or what city you live in. 

You guys know me; I wouldn’t recommend something if I didn’t believe in it. This is something and someone I believe in.

So why not give it a try? What do you have to lose, except a few pounds around the middle and maybe some more around your hips and thighs?

Nicole is offering this special rate for Good Enough Mother readers only!

$14.95 for ONE MONTH ACCESS.

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