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The GEM Debate: Is THIS Where You Draw The Line? (POLL)

ToiletThe GEM Debate:
Is THIS Where You Draw The Line? (POLL)


Perhaps a little frivolous but we’re gonna debate it anyway.

So I came across an interesting piece in The Daily Mail. Basically it was talking about the amount of time that must pass before you get truly comfortable with another person, i.e. a partner or a mate.

How long do you think that is?

3 months?

3 years?

Turns out that time is 11 months and 24 days, according to researchers at Measure digital bowel health test. 

Apparently that is the time you begin doing things like:

*Not wearing make up in front of them.

*Not locking the bathroom door.

*Breaking wind in front of them (um.. fancy word for fart).

*Asking them to pluck a hair or squeeze a spot on their body.

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To be honest.. none of this really surprises me.

I mean if you’ve been with someone for the better part of a year, you probably are pretty serious about them; these things seem a bit of a no-brainer.

Except one.

I’ve been married to the same guy for more than two decades. I can admit I’ve done just about every single thing on this list in front of Buff.

But I am totally drawing the line here… going to the toilet in front of him.

Call me a prude but I do think there are some things that should, um, remain secret in a relationship and that is definitely one of them.

Let me explain:

I’m a big fan of partners having separate interests and then coming back to share those.

The things Buff loves (golf, football), I’m only marginally interested in.

The things I love (women’s shoes, natural hair), he really couldn’t be bothered with.

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But we give each other enough space to chase those interests and come back together to share.

That’s a fancy way of saying that I think it’s okay for there to be some mystery, even in long-term relationships; in fact it may even be critical.

So yes, I will pluck stray hairs, squeeze his pimples, talk about my exes, run around without make-up, breaking wind as a go.. but I will NOT be doing my business with the door wide open.

Okay your turn to weigh in, what say you? Do you go to the bathroom in front of your partner? Do you think relationships should be shrouded in a little secrecy or should it all be laid bare?

Leave your comments here or on the Facebook page.. or and take the poll too!

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