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In Case You Missed It: Saturday Roundup

Saturday Roundup

In Case You Missed It:
Saturday Roundup

Happy Saturday and Happy Valentine’s Day, GEM readers! We certainly hope that you are all spending the day with the one(s) you love! In the meantime, it was a great week around here and we brought you some great topics that you’ll want to go back and check out if you missed them.

Olivia in snow

Do you miss the good ol’ days where parents were responsible for the actions of their kids and if they got hurt, it was up to them to take care of the bill? Take a look at Our Story Begins: Sledding Away for Dave’s take on a sledding incident in Nebraska.


After the Grammy Awards, Rene was inspired to write about how sometimes pain can power us when life decides to flip the script. Check out Monday Morning Motivation: Use PAIN to POWER You! (VIDEO) and let us know if you’ve ever let your pain power you through the tough times!

Handsome yY

Do you sometimes wonder if your kids EVER listen to a single thing you say? Sometimes I just move on to the next “battle” because there is only so much time in the day and only so many battles you can fight. If this happens in your house too, you’ll want to read Wendy’s Single Mom Slice of Life: Will The Days Of “Choose Your Battles” Ever End? for a motivating story!

Marriage certificate

We received a question this week from one of our readers whose husband doesn’t want her to use her maiden name now that they’re married. Check out Ask Rene: My Husband Doesn’t Want Me To Reclaim My Maiden Name! (POLL) and see what Rene’s advice is. Don’t forget to weigh in by taking the poll and letting us know what you think!

smiling friends dancing in club

See what happened at a “school moms” Christmas Party when our resident gay dad attended and observed all the “girl talk” like he was “one of the girls.” You won’t want to miss this month’s Raising Gaybies: I Spy With My Gay Parental Eye.


Do you use the bathroom in front of your spouse or significant other? Rene wrote a great debate this week and we want to hear from you! Read The GEM Debate: Is THIS Where You Draw The Line? (POLL) and weigh in – it’s not too late to take the poll!


I am of the belief that when your kid is doing well (enough) in school, extra-curricular activities can be a super fun way to keep them active and busy during their off-times. I also think it is possible to over-schedule our families too. Read Tales From A Twin Mom: Over-Scheduling Our Children for Julixa’s take on this very subject. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

divorce heart

We had another great question from one of our readers who is having quite the online relationship with an old school buddy despite her troubles with her husband. See what Rene advised her in her Ask Rene: Will My Facebook Relationship Mean The End Of My Marriage?

That’s it for this week’s roundup. Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day and a great weekend!

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