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Tales From A Twin Mom: Conversation No Nos For Moms

Conversation no now for moms

Tales From A Twin Mom:
Conversation No-Nos For Moms

Just as there are topics you should never bring up in a social setting with strangers (politics, religion and sex, for example), there are many topics that you should just refrain from talking about with friends as well. This goes double for close friends that are moms. Why? Let’s just say I know a lot of mothers that would nod at your opinion of the government’s work this term, but would scratch your eyes out if you mentioned any one of the topics below. So in an effort to promote world peace, here are four topics that are a big, fat no-no:


1. CIO - Crying It Out

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This is one very touchy subject. Whether you've taught your babies to self soothe, or you pick them up every time they cry, it is best to just share your thoughts or opinions with those close to you. Better yet - those that you know for a fact agree with you.

I'm not judging. I understand that every family is different. Heck, if we all parented the same way, the world would either be filled with highly successful people or the scum of the earth; either way, we will never know. There are articles that claim that having your child CIO causes stress and should be avoided at all times. If that's the case, then why do some people say it's so effective? See what I mean? This topic can get heated quickly. Don't. Just don't.

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