Monday Morning Motivation:
3 Ways To Make The Most
Out Of The Life You DIDN’T Plan!

(Editor’s Note: This piece ran in its original format on 8/27/2012)

I’ve been a bit introspective this month, thinking about how far we’ve come over the course of the last couple of years. To say it’s been light years would be a bit of an understatement.

I do quite a few interviews and one of the questions people always ask me is, “What’s next?” You know what my answer is?

“I have no idea.”

It’s not that I don’t have goals or dreams or aspirations. It’s just that I had no idea I was going to work for nearly two decades in TV news, lose my job, my breasts and my hair before ultimately finding out who I am.

So what do you do when the life you plan for yourself doesn’t materialize and instead is replaced with one that wasn’t even on your radar? Can you still be a “success”, whatever that is?

The answer is YES and here’s how!

1. Be Open

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Not sure if you had a chance to see this piece the other day about Michael Strahan being tapped to be the next co-host of "Live".  I tweeted the other day that I was happy he was going to get the gig and someone replied that they thought I was "meek" (ha!) because I was willing to accept the fact that they were giving the job to someone who didn't major in entertainment in college. Really? REALLY? I guess her thinking was that you can only work in fields in which you study. If that's the case, I would be a psychologist (can you IMAGINE?). Life is about taking chances, even the ones you "didn't study for". If we all stayed in our lanes, we'd never realize our potential. You wanna grow? Better go for it.. no matter what others say.