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From Fiction to Film,
Who Does it Better?


It’s probably common knowledge by now that many movies got their start as books. Sometimes you discover the movie first then you read the book. Sometimes it’s the other way around. Either way, you’re sure to have a feeling about which one is better. For example, ask a group of people which was better: the Harry Potter movies or the Harry Potter books. You’re sure to witness a colorful, if not heated, discussion.

To be sure, I’m Team Books are Better but lately, it seems Hollywood is getting better at adapting books into movies so while they don’t mimic the books verbatim, they stay true to the books’ essence. In some ways, that also makes me Team This Movie was Entertaining (which is alot better than Team This Movie Wasn’t Worth My Time).

The following is a discussion of titles that have gone from fiction to film and whether they got it right. Or not.


1. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

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I'm proud to admit I'm a Hunger Games junkie. I love all things HG! But what I didn't love was the first movie. Sure it was good (not great) and had lots of memorable parts (Rue anyone?), but the book was better. This is one of those instances in which directors learn from their mistakes. Just like the Harry Potter movies got better with time, I was optimistic about the HG trilogy. I mean, what was with all the jagged camera angles? It's like I was watching a movie without my glasses while jumping on a trampoline. Which leads me to...

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