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Friday Roundup


Happy Friday, GEMs!

Another week has come and [just about] gone and we’d like to take a moment to thank you all for stopping by!

Take a look at our roundup from this week if you didn’t have the chance; we covered some great topics!


You know how we are around here, ALWAYS looking on the bright side. It’s always a matter of choice in our opinion and in looking at some inspirational pieces from a few years back, we found this GEM and shared it. Take a look at Monday Morning Motivation: 3 Ways To Make The Most Out Of The Life You DIDN’T Plan! for some fantastic ways to change your outlook on things.

Give back words

It’s so important to teach our children (at a young age) the importance of helping others. This week, we brought you a great Guest Posting with 3 Ways To Teach Your Children About Charity. You don’t want to miss this one!

© R+R - Fotolia.com

© R+R – Fotolia.com

Have you ever heard of the term free range children? Basically, it’s a matter of when and how old your kids can/should be when you can safely leave them alone. Have a look at Better, Not Bitter: Free Range, Yay or Nay? and weigh in with your thoughts!


We’re all about being Good Enough around here and this month’s piece from Andi really gives some great perspective on whether or not that perfect mom really exists. Live, Love, Blend: In Search of the Perfect Mother will leave you assured that you truly are just perfect exactly the way you are.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!