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Bringing SEXY Back! Wanna Be A Fit Mom? Here’s How!

PicMonkey CollageBringing SEXY Back?
Wanna Be A Fit Mom?

 Here’s How!

What if I told you you could eat real food, work hard, feel better and get your sexy back? Well, you can.

Now before I dive into this post I know at least some of you are saying, “I don’t see a big difference between the pictures above.”

Trust me when I say it’s on the inside. Let me explain and I’ll willing to bet my story is similar to your own.

As a young woman, I was always active. I ran track and played basketball. I was blessed with a little bit of height and a lot of energy.

Then came marriage, two kids, a bustling career then a health crisis that followed job loss.


At Disneyland with Trotter Pup.

And soon.. the weight.

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I started to wheeze going up stairs. I felt more comfortable in bigger, loose-fitting clothing. I had no energy and thought this was the way it was going to be until they put me in a pine box, which could have been sooner rather than later given my family history of cancer and heart disease.

Then a friend introduced me to Nicole Sanders of Ladimax Sports and Fitness.

When we met, I told her the my fitness goals; I wanted to reshape my upper body (basically I wanted to go sleeveless more often) and I wanted to feel better.

I wanted to be active without huffing and puffing. I wanted to be strong. I didn’t want to be one of those frail, old ladies.

“Well, the first thing you need to do is eat more” Nicole said.


Of course, she meant eat more of the right things and more often.

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“Then you need to lift. Not 5 and 8 pound weights. We are going to push serious iron.”

I always knew that resistance training was an integral part of health and fitness but it was also the thing that was easiest to slide right out of my schedule.

I’m a busy wife and mother; the exercise piece was optional.

Until I started training with Nicole.

Training, not working out. We are going to get serious about building a better fat burning machine.

(Side note: Nicole uses the phrase training for a reason. In her mind, working out is going to the gym, hopping on a machine and moving body parts, but perhaps not as effectively as they should be. Training is working hard toward the goal of losing fat and gaining muscle).

So we started lifting. I started eating. I also got enough sleep, also critical to successful body transformation.

And each week, I got stronger and lo and behold, my waist got smaller. So did my legs, hips and stomach. My back got bigger, nor huge mind you but enough to give me a nice “V” shape, which made my waist look even smaller.


Baby Got Back!

Now, here’s the most impressive part to me; in building the lean muscle, I also began to shed fat. In just a few weeks I went from 33% body fat to 26%. A few weeks later that number was 23%.

We don’t talk about the number on the scale because that’s not what we’re focusing on. Muscle is more dense, so while the number on the scale may be the same, or even more, as in my case, it won’t LOOK like it.


I weighed MORE in the photo on the right than photo on the left.

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So how can you achieve the results I did?

That’s where Savor and Sip Assist comes in.

Nicole and I worked hard to put together an eating and eating guide for the holidays. The goal was to help women navigate the time from November to December, complete with parties and pandemonium. We published it weekly at a price of $.99 for each download.

But many of you have asked for the complete book even though the holidays are over. Well you ask; we deliver.


Presenting the entire 9 week Savor and Sip Assist program for just $7.99!

It’s 9 weeks of exercises along with a DETAILED food plan. If you follow it (to the letter) you WILL see results.

Lift like this in gym…


 To look like this


 Rene Hiking Sandstone Peak

And this:


Out of it!

Ready to try?

Click here to buy Savor and Sip assist and be prepared to be amazing!

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