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Ask Rene:
What Can I Do About This Little Name Caller?


It’s a long story, Rene. I am hoping you can help me.

I asked this question on Yahoo Answers, but people just told me off!

A little girl, Kate really hurt my feelings. Okay, she is my cousin’s stepdaughter. My mom and I went out to babysit her and her niece in New Jersey.

She named me “TabithaDooDooiHead” on her Wii game. Then she and her niece, Molly were laughing at me. I did nothing to her at all. Then the next time we went there (a month later), she hit me in the head!

She should respect me, right? I’m a teenager (I’m 14), she’s just a little kid (she’s 9!) This was all the way in January and February and has been bugging me! What did I do to her?! How can I get over this?

I want to beat her up if I see her again but people say I’m wrong. What do you think, Rene?

Please help me, I hate her.




Hi Tabitha:

Thanks for writing in. I’m going to share a couple of things with you that I hope will help. I am not 14 now, but I have a daughter who is the same age and I was once 14 and honestly it didn’t seem like it was that long ago. I have a couple of suggestions for you, coping skills, if you will, that will help in the short term and I hope in the long run as well.

One of the lessons I had to learn early on, being on TV is that not everyone will like you. Sometimes it’s because you did something to them but honestly, many times it’s their own inadequacies peeking through. I want you to remember these things.

1. Deal With The Hitting

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Do not hit back but you do need to tell an adult; your mom, her mom or someone because she needs to understand you will not and should not have to stand for physical violence.