Goals For 2015

10 From GEM:
10 Parenting Resolutions For 2015


It’s the start of another year and you know what that means, don’t you? It’s time to loudly proclaim a bunch of behavior changes that we probably won’t keep past the end of this month. Exercise daily, lose weight, eat better are among the popular ones. But how about making some resolutions that will stick as well as benefit your family? Sounds like a plan! So in today’s 10 from GEM, here are 10 parenting resolutions you can and should keep for 2015.


1. I Resolve To Choose My Battles

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This is really easy to say; not so easy to do. The bottom line is you have to choose the hill you want to die on. Example, when my kids were little, I gave them a wide berth on their attire, as long as it was age and weather appropriate. Clothing just was not a battle I was willing to take on. People commenting on their "unusual" attire, understood I was more concerned about letting my kids exercise their creativity than how it would reflect on my parenting.