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Monday Morning Motivation: Want To Thrive In The Wilderness? Do These 3 Things!

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Monday Morning Motivation:
Want To Thrive In The Wilderness?
Do These 3 Things!

Hey now.. it’s another Monday.. welcome to it!

Let’s jump right in with today’s Monday Morning Motivation. The other day, my husband and I were talking about the precarious nature of life. Like so many of you, the plans we made years and years ago either didn’t come to fruition or were drastically altered, many times through no fault of our own.

Then Buff said something about thriving in the wilderness; sounds like a great book right? But it got me thinking about that.. how do we continue to be our best when things are really tough?

Here are the 3 things I think you MUST do if you want to continue to learn, grow and ultimately THRIVE during those times.


3. Recognize The Gifts

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I have developed a sense of gratitude and an appreciation for the little things. All of life's gifts don't come wrapped in Tiffany boxes; sometimes they are in a crinkled paper bag, lying in a gutter. The things I've learned over the past decade could fill several books. I learned that I won't actually snap in two even though I feel like it at times. I'm stronger and smarter than I ever gave myself credit for. And I will not only survive.. I will thrive.

Okay that's today's Monday Morning Motivation. What are the things that help you thrive in the wilderness? Let's hear from you! And make it a terrific day!

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