Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 7.30.37 AMMonday Morning Motivation:
It’s Okay To Be Afraid..
But Here’s What You MUST Do Next!


Hey all…. OMG we’re in the final countdown! Only ONE MORE Monday (after this one) left in 2014. I know I’ve said this before but man, 2015 is closing in fast.

The end of the year is always a great time for reflection and this one is no different. So last night, as I was cleaning closets and toilets (okay, the toilet part is a lie) I thought back over the past year.

Want to hear the truth? I was thinking about how rough it has been, not the entire year but definitely the last half, which stands in stark contrast to how 2014 started off.

At the beginning of 2014, I was firing on all cylinders; Exhale was wrapped for the year and, though the travel was a lot to take, Sweet Retreats was going well. I was picking up a lot of campaigns and doing quite a bit of TV, all related to Good Enough Mother. And to top it all off,  I had expanded; I was making enough money to have wonderful managing editor and a great blog coordinator and the three of us worked to make GEM run like a well-oiled machine.

All was good.

Then Live Well Network announced it was shutting down and with it, my steady stream of income.

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And then fear set it.

I hate fear. I really do. It robs us of the present and keeps us from learning important lessons.

The logical, rational side of me knows that; the emotional side still gives it space in my head.

So when that old devil started to creep in, I closed my laptop and went to bed.


Because I have found one of the things that feeds fear is fatigue, something that is easily taken care of.

So for today’s Monday Morning Motivation the 3 things you need to do when fear creeps in!

1. Rest For Success!

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I just touched on it but this is really critical. I tend to feel the worst about myself, what I'm doing, questioning whether it's going to work or where it all leads when I'm bone-tired. Being in that state is wrong for so many reasons and I have to remind myself that it is the antithesis of what I preach to women. How can I tell them to take time for themselves when I'm not doing it for me? So I let it go last night; I went to bed and slept. A lot. And when I woke up, I was fresher with renewed energy and vigor. Funny how those fears can be chased away by rest and morning light.