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Good Enough Mother:
My Anti-Resolution For Family Travel


(This is a sponsored post in conjunction with my work as an Alamo Chief Travel Mom. All thoughts and opinions are my own) 

Family travel can be fun or fraught with disaster. I have had both.

Most of our trips involve more than one adult driver, which was great thing when the kids were little.

In fact, those trips had gone so smoothly they sort of lulled me into believing I would do just fine on my own.

And I would have had I not tried to cram so much stuff into the schedule.

It went something like this:

We touched down at the Orlando airport, ready for a fun-filled week, just the three of us (Buff did not come for this trip). So Casey, Cole and I headed over the to the rental car facility to pick up our ride for the week.

I was juggling 30 things, along with two young children, and trying to get to the hotel in time for an event that evening.

Are you seeing where this is headed?

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So in my haste I rented a convertible; I thought it would be fun for the kids, plus we were already running late and it was there, ready to go.

We scrambled in.. both kids in the back seat and headed toward the hotel.

Now, you know those moments as a parent when you can see what’s coming and you ignore them for whatever reason? Yeah. That happened to me.

Cole had a favorite bear.. we called him “Night-nite Bear” because he was Cole’s favorite sleep animal. But it wasn’t just his favorite sleep stuffed animal; it was his favorite ALL THE TIME animal.

While driving in the car, I looked in the rear-view mirror (remember now, the top is down on the car) and I can see Cole throwing Night-Nite bear up and down. Of course he was.. he was excited to be on the trip too.

Up and down.. Up and down.. up and down and….


Yes. As in out of the car and onto the road! The look of horror on Cole’s face was matched only by the look of terror on mine! I couldn’t stop on the highway to search for a 7-dollar bear now could I?

 I tried to soothe my shocked child by assuring him that Night-nite bear was in a better place; that some family would probably find him and he would be fine. But truth be told, I found it harder to forgive myself.

Why? Because if I hadn’t been in such a hurry, over-scheduling, even on vacation, Night nite bear may have still been with us.

It was an important lesson for me and one I remember as I work with Alamo to go beyond basic travel.

That story reminds me that there are times when we really have to just slow down, just get off the clock, let the schedule go and simplify things. So my #AlamoDriveHappy resolution is to not over-schedule! Ever. Again.

I’m convinced it will be better for me, better for the kids.. and who knows, maybe even the stuffed animals.

I was thinking about that trip as I begin to plan a little girl’s getaway with my daughter and one of her friends. The loss of  Night-nite bear reminded me that sometimes you just have to loosen your grip on the reigns at times;  check out my Instagram For My #AlamoDriveHappy Family Travel Resolution!

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Okay check it out.. now it’s time for you to join in the fun. Name your #AlamoDriveHappy resolution.. what will you do to make family travel easy and, GASP… FUN?

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Okay are we all clear? Remember I am just one of the Alamo Chief Travel Moms giving away the prize package but enter once a day for a chance to win. Contest ends 1/16/2015.


(Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in conjunction with my work as an Alamo Chief Travel Mom. All thoughts and opinions are my own)