Holiday gifts

Good Enough Mother:
 7 Gifts You Should Give Yourself


It’s Christmas Eve! Can you believe it? Do you have all your shopping done? I have just a few more things to pick up here and there but for the most part the shopping is complete which means I have time for a bit of reflection.

I’ve been doing that a lot lately, some of it I enjoy, some of it, makes me anxious, frankly. It’s easy to do this time of year; we’re tired and the chaos of the season (the commercial part) doesn’t help.

So I started to think about gifts for me; what would I want wrapped up in a bow under my tree? What gifts that I would give myself? Here are my 7.. Take a peek and then let me know what  you would add as gifts for yourself!


1. The Gift Of Self-Love

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I put this at number one because it is just that important. Like I said in my book, Good Enough Mother; The Perfectly Imperfect Book of Parenting and continue to preach to this day, you cannot be good to others if you are not good to yourself! That also means forgiving yourself for mistakes. Hey.. perfection is overrated. It's also impossible.