In Case You Missed It:
Friday Roundup


Happy Friday!

We appreciate all of you stopping by and we understand that you may have missed a piece or two during the week. I mean, we’re all busy, right? Check out the line-up below of some of this week’s hottest topics.

damaged heart on old paper

One reader wrote in asking what Rene thought about her relationship with her boyfriend; wanting to hear Rene’s thought on whether she thought her boyfriend was really over her. I think Rene’s advice was great! What would you say if someone asked you? Do you have a tough question and need some advice? Ask Rene!!

Festive table

Last week’s 10 From GEM was all about the bubbly! We gave you 10 Drinks To Try This Holiday Season; with and without alcohol too!

Dave Car

Dave shared a look into a holiday in the life of a single dad in Our Story Begins: The Dichotomy of the Single Parent.

Seedlings in vegetable garden.

Rene gave a great look into how to survive out there in the world in her Monday Morning Motivation: Want To Thrive In The Wilderness? Do These 3 Things!


Wendy shared a look into how being a mom changes over the years as our children grow up and into their own person. You’ll want to check out this week’s Single Mom Slice Of Life: Once A Mom, Always A Mom.


Do you or someone you know have a habit of picking losers for boyfriends? Have a look at Ask Rene: Help! I Think I’ve Picked Another Abusive Guy for her advice on how to change your standards.

pay it forward

We talk a lot here about doing the right thing, taking the high road, paying it forward and such. This week, Julixa had a scary experience and shared it with us in Tales From A Twin Mom: Pay It Forward.

We hope you enjoy the roundup and your weekend too!