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Friday Roundup


Happy Friday, GEM readers! Well, here we are in December . . . I can hardly believe it! We’re getting ready for the holidays and it’s sure been a busy week. Here’s a quick peek at some of our top stories from the week in case you didn’t catch them the first time around.

Creative Commons/Denise Krebs

Creative Commons/Denise Krebs

I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Suess books while growing up and my kiddos did too. Alexis shared 10 Encouraging Quotes From Dr. Seuss in this week’s 10 From GEM. Love them all!


Dave discussed When September Ends err, I mean, When Black Friday Comes in Our Story Begins this week. We want to know how you handle Black Friday shopping too!


Rene talked about why it’s important to have another form of income besides your regular gig. Check out Monday Morning Motivation: 3 Reasons You Need A Side Hustle (And How To Get Started) for her advice on how to make sure you’re ready for the unexpected.

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It’s REALLY tough to lose a beloved pet. Bennett gave us a look at how his family handled this tough situation in this month’s Raising Gaybies: Happily Ever “After-Life”.. What To Tell Kids When A Pet Dies.

women arguing

There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, but one GEM reader wrote in asking for advice on how to handle it when it’s a little too much. Check out Ask Rene: My Sister Is Too Competitive! I’m Sick Of It! to see what Rene recommended.

Holiday gifts

If you’re looking for a great Christmas gift for that special someone in your life, be sure to take a peek at this month’s GEMs of Beauty: Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide for a look at some pretty spectacular gift ideas!

Frostbite, hypothermia, shoveling snow, Parkinsons, diabetes, hypothyroidism, can't regualte body heat, CPR, how do you get hypothermia, what is hypothermia, what is frostbite, how do you treat frostbite,

‘Tis the season for snow and ice. Be sure to read The Doctor Is In: 3 Winter Weather Injuries And How To Combat Them for some great advice from our resident physician!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!