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Ask Rene: My Ex Let My Son Get Pierced.. And I’m PISSED!

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Ask Rene:
My Ex Let My Son Get Pierced.. And I’m PISSED!


Rene, you have teenagers. I know you can help me with this. My son wants to do things that I object to like pierce his ear and get a tattoo. I’m divorced from his dad, who isn’t too strict about these things. My ex took our son to have his ear pierced and I was livid because they both knew my feelings about this. I can’t believe they went behind my back. I made my son take the earring out and now he won’t talk to me. He literally hasn’t said a word to me in almost two weeks. The tension around here is high and I want to end this.


Peacemaker in Pittsburg


Dear PiP:

Wait.. WHAT?

YIKES!  GEM Contributor Wilma Jones (who writes Better Not Bitter) is really keen on working hard to make the co-parenting relationship the best it can be so that all parties benefit but especially the children. That doesn’t sound like that was the case here. So here are a couple of things going through my head as I read your question and what I would do if I were you.


1. Talk. Talk. TALK!

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And the first conversation needs to be with the ex. What.the.HELL? He knew how you felt about piercings.. this was incredibly disrespectful! Though divorce is not my area of expertise, I can't help but think this flies in the face of whatever agreement you may have, especially if you are the custodial parent and the child is a minor. You can't let this one slide. So call him up and put the hammer down!


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