Children in conflict fight for toy

Ask Rene:
My Kids’ Fighting Is Driving.Me. CRAZY!


I have four kids, ages 7 through 14. They fight all the time about anything and everything. The 14-year-old actually fights with the 7-year-old. It’s nothing physical, but all the yelling and screaming is driving me crazy. I’m tired of being a referee in my own home. Any advice on how to deal?


Crazed in Colorado


Hey C in C,

Dear Lord.. I GET it! Well truth be, there was just a small period of time where my kids did not get along. I chalked that up to the fact that they were a boy and a girl. I do have friends with daughters who fought like crazy growing up (for some reason it didn’t seem as bad with my friends who  had boys). So in watching them, I learned a ting or two. Here’s what I would do if I were you.


1. Call A Family Meeting

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Time for some good, old-fashioned communication so now is the time for a family meeting. I'm a huge believer in letting people, including kids, no matter their age, know what's going on within the family and how their actions are affecting others. Lay down some ground rules around things like sharing (good), privacy (essential) and name-calling (never). Help the little ones by making concepts clear like using a timer for sharing.