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Tales From A Twin Mom: 3 Things I Wish I had Known About A Twin Pregnancy

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Tales From A Twin Mom: 3 Things I Wish I had Known About A Twin Pregnancy


Finding out you’re having multiples brings on a mix of emotions. At one point, I went from being ecstatic to being absolutely petrified in a matter of minutes. It wasn’t until I was until further along in the pregnancy that I started to realize that this “multiples” thing was no joke; and even though I had gone through several pregnancies beforehand, this was a complete new ball game. My family was going to go from four to six in a matter of months, and there was no trial run or any calm before the storm to slowly usher in these worries running around in my head. I just wish someone experienced in this chaos had sat me down to tell what I was in for. It is for this very reason I have decided to write this article. Here are the top 3 things I wish someone had told me about a twin pregnancy:


1. Try to Relax

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You will be advised, measured, tested, probed and alarmed many times-sometimes for no reason. When I went through my first two pregnancies, I was lucky if I saw the baby on an ultrasound once or twice. Trust me, it wasn’t due to a lack of asking. I yearned to see what that little being was doing in there. That was not the case with my twin pregnancy. I had an ultrasound every single time I went. It wasn’t a quick one taken by a perky nurse either. It was real. It took what seemed to be forever as they measured the babies from head to toe. Most of the time, it was frightening watching them notice and record that the twins did not measure exactly the same. At one point there was an “alarming” discrepancy. My Baby B was just not growing as fast, or as big as my Baby A. As a matter of fact, Baby A was pushing on Baby B's womb space. (Uh, can't we just move them around?)

Did I worry? Like you would not believe. Instead of asking my health care provider what his thoughts were about the discrepancy, I simply nodded , made another appointment and went home. At home I did what every rational woman would do. I turned to my friend Google, flipped through my newly built multiple pregnancy library and diagnosed myself. I must have read more than 10 horrific stories and lost at least two days worth of sleep before I decided to call the Dr’s office and let them know what I thought the problem was. Apparently, Doctor Newman (my well-reseached alter ego) was incorrect. It turns out that the twins were fine. They measured differently because they were different. I learned a very important lesson that day. Google will never give me a page result that reads “You are in no way, shape or form a doctor-so please get off the internet and call one if you’re so worried.”

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