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Our Story Begins: Books for Young Adults


Our Story Begins:
Books for Young Adults

Books are a must in my household. I still, as a matter of fact, have all the old children’s books on a shelf in my boys’ room. I read How the Grinch Stole Christmas every year to my kids. I also, however, read A Christmas Carol from a 1900 edition I own to the kids as well.

Reading was always a battle in my home, at least when my oldest daughter was born, because books weren’t a big part of my wife’s upbringing. Her family liked tangible, activity-based gifts. My parents liked books and still do. It was through them I learned to love Tolkein, Asimov, Dickens and any myriad of other authors.

Some time ago I gave you, dear readers, a list of books that you should be reading to your children.

Today, as we approach Thanksgiving and the whole “Black Friday” melee, I give you some alternatives to consider: give a book. Give many books! You won’t find any Twilight, Hunger Games or other over-used teen angst books here. I’m giving you my list of ten wonderful young-adult books you can give that spark imagination and exploration.

1. Percy Jackson and the Olympians

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Yeah, it was the basis for two horrible movies. kids have read every single one of Rick Riordan's series based on ancient mythology. I've been in the car and the kids have had lengthy discussions - even correcting my errors - on Greek gods. They looked up history and saw it was just as amazing as their books. Read the books, you'll forgive the movies after.

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