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Monday Morning Motivation:
4 Keys To A Kick- A** Day!


Hola and happy Monday!

I’m a little under the weather today (okay, a LOT) so that’s why Monday Morning Motivation is running a few minutes late.

Because I was sick, I went to bed pretty early; sadly that means that I was awake at 2 am, tossing and turning. It’s always in those moments I am at my worst; I have my worst thoughts about doom and gloom, question my ability and whether all of this, whatever “this” is, is going to work.

So when I woke up this morning I started thinking about ways to make the day powerful. Drawing on my past experiences, days when I was the most productive and felt like I was firing on all cylinders, I came up with 4 surefire ways to get out of the right side of the bed!


1. You MUST Sleep!

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I'm looking right at you (and me too)! Sleep is restorative. It's critical for cellular rejuvenation yet too many of us act like it's not important. Set regular bedtime hours (not easy to do if you work from home), then slide between the sheets at a decent hour.. with the smart phone in the other room!