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Monday Morning Motivation: 3 Ways Stepping Back Helps You Move Forward

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Monday Morning Motivation:
3 Ways Stepping Back Helps You Move Forward

Happy Monday! We made it through another weekend and it’s the start of another week!
In good times and bad, I’ve always been a full-disclosure kind of person. Buff, my  husband of two decades, is more stoic; he believes we sort of soldier on, keeping these things to ourselves. That means he probably won’t love this post. Oh well.

Last week was sort of a difficult one for me for several reasons.

This past summer I got back in the gym and was training hard. As a result, I got in pretty good shape and was on my way to being in the best health that I had been in for several years.

Until I got hurt.

Moving a mattress, I strained my shoulder and it’s taken forever to heal. Couple that with some sort of tendonitis thing I have working in my elbow that was exacerbated by golf .

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And then I caught a cold and was in a very bad way.

Against that backdrop the financial crush that comes with running your own business.  I,  like so many others, have had to really tighten my belt, both at home and in my business.

So the other day I was telling a friend about these issues and she brought up a good point and it was one that I had forgotten; sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward.


Here are the 3 reasons I’ve discovered.


1. Review Your Core Message

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Just sitting and talking with my girlfriend about life, reminded me of the things that I said in the past, say now and on which the Good Enough Mother brand was built. And now that my kids are older and I'm nearly on the other side of the parenting spectrum, I was able to see that what I suspected, actually worked well in practice, like this one.

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