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Live, Love, Blend: Do We Have to Celebrate Thanksgiving as a Family?



Live, Love, Blend:
Do We Have to Celebrate Thanksgiving as a Family?


If you have a spouse, ex-spouse, one or more children, parents, siblings, close relatives… any of the aforementioned relations… then you know that holiday planning can be frustrating, stressful, basically not at all what Pinterest would have you believe. And despite a fabulous Fall-idays board that would lead you to believe that I may be planning a festive Thanksgiving feast with all the trimmings and Martha Stewart decor, the truth is, I plan to get the heck out of town and take whichever kids are available to come with me. As for those family members, like my husband, who have to work on Friday… well, hope you have a good friend who cooks!

This may perhaps make me a less-than-perfect wife, mother, step-mother. But guess what?! I already was less than perfect! Ha!

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To be honest I really am struggling with whether or not it’s okay to split up our family over Thanksgiving. My parents desperately want us to come visit, and I so rarely have a break long enough to drive halfway across Texas, that I just don’t want to miss this opportunity to go spend a few days with them. The problem is that my husband does have to work the Friday after Thanksgiving and one of our teens has rehearsal for a school musical, so if I hit the road it means splitting up the family. Also, it’s our year to have our youngest child for this holiday (any other blendies out there have trouble keeping track of which kids you have on which holidays? Please tell me we’re not alone in this!). Anyway, if we do get her, then do I take her with me to go see my parents or leave her home with her dad? He doesn’t get to spend near enough time with her, but again there’s the issue of his work schedule. Ugh. Holidays wear me out!

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What would you do? Is it so important to build blended family traditions that we stay home and spend the day together (even though I don’t cook & hate football which would make my husband miserable)? Or does it make more sense to divide and conquer this holiday in a way that will allow most if not all of us to have a little time for relaxation and enjoyment? You can tell I lean toward the latter, but I don’t know if I’m sacrificing the bigger picture for instant gratification.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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