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5 MUSTS For Traveling With Teens!


(Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as part of my work with Alamo as a Chief Travel Mom. Follow me because I know what I’m doing. Most of the time.)

Many moons ago before I had kids, one of my girlfriends (who got an earlier start than I) was telling me a story about traveling with her youngest daughter.  She and her husband packed up their three kids, with the youngest being a toddler, and flew from their home in Alabama to visit family across the country. Everything was fine until my girlfriend realized she had forgotten her daughter’s pacifier just as they pulled up.

Every parent knows the series of questions that follow.

“Do I turn around and go back and get it?” (No)

“Maybe we can find a pacifier in an airport store.” (No, you cannot)

“How bad can it be?” (Keep reading)

Once my friend’s daughter realized the pacifier was not accompanying her on the trip, she screamed. Loudly. Then she berated her mother 2500 miles across country (did I mention in an airplane?), yelling, “YOU BAD, MOMMY!”

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Okay, I’ll admit I thought that was hilarious until I had kids of my own. And while traveling with the younger set comes with challenges, having teens in the back seat does too.

My family and I spend quite a bit of time running up and down I-95 on our way to Charleston, SC and I have learned a thing or two about traveling with teens.

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Now.. want to know the secret to traveling with teens? Read on!


1. Travel With Space

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Sweet mercy, whatever you do, let there be enough room in the vehicle that each long-legged child can stretch out without touching the other. Even during slumber, they must not touch. Ever. NEVER.