Savor And Sip Assist:
The Holiday Eating And Exercise Guide 



Hey all.. IT’S HERE!

Remember a few weeks ago I was telling you about the project I was working on? Well it’s done, it’s here and it’s available for download.

As many of you who follow me on social media know, I have undergone something of a physical transformation; after years of the weight slowly creeping on, I decided to take action.


IMG_5477 2

              An 8 week transformation. It can happen for you too! 


I started working with Nicole Sanders who has transformed bodies of some of Hollywood’s elite and now she’s here to help you do the same.

Look, many times the holidays means weight gain but Nicole has a very realistic approach; she says you will gain weight.. the goal is not too much!

So how do you do that? By following the Savor and Sip Assist; The Holiday Eating And Exercise Guide.

For less than a dollar, you will get a week’s worth of meals, plus the exercises (with photos!) that you should be doing daily.

Each week we will offer a new download with new meals and recipes, all with the goal of helping you indulge without the bulge!

Then, come January, while you may have gained a few pounds, it won’t be so many that you can’t easily shed them.

Okay you ready to go for it?

Click here, pay .99 and download week one of Savor and Sip Assist: The Holiday Eating And Exercise Guide (week 1)