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Ask Rene:
Pregnancy, Giving Birth And Beyond!


Hi Rene,

I’m pregnant with our first baby. It’s my second pregnancy; unfortunately I suffered a miscarriage first time around. This pregnancy has been pretty stressful so far with all sorts of health concerns for me and the baby. I am now 24 weeks along, things have calmed down and we are able to start to enjoy the process.

We are reading a lot about labor, pain relief and the first weeks with our new baby. What would your top tips be for this time?

It would be interesting to hear what other readers think too!

Sam, London



Hi Sam:

So sorry to hear about the loss of your first baby but also very thrilled that you’re well into the second trimester and starting to enjoy your pregnancy. It’s been so long that I was pregnant but I’ll share what I remember and then would love for some the newer moms out there to chime in.


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As you know there are three trimesters, first, second and third. They should be renamed, ‘ROUGH’, ‘READY’ and ‘GET THIS KID OUT OF ME!’

In my first trimester I was horribly sick with both kids. With Casey, I gained eleven pounds during the first trimester when you’re only supposed to gain about 5! I managed better with Cole. The second trimester, I felt great, worked out a lot, was big enough for people to know I was pregnant and not just fat and sort of breezed through those months. The final trimester is God’s way of preparing you for delivery. The baby is getting big, you have indigestion, and you’re staring at your body and wondering if it will ever be the same again. Literally, I felt like I would walk over hot coals naked if it meant getting that kid out of me! By the final trimester, the relative short pain of childbirth will be blunted by the discomfort you feel toward the end.