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Ask Rene: How Do I Handle My Mom’s Money Woes? (VIDEO)

moms money woes

Ask Rene:
How Do I Handle My Mom’s Money Woes? (VIDEO)


Today’s Ask Rene is one that many adult children will probably have to address at some point in their lives. Our parents are, for the most part, healthier and living longer. So what happens when money becomes an issue?

A reader writes in with this problem.. except there’s a bit of a twist. Pop in your earbuds and list to today’s Ask Rene. Have you gone through this with your parents? What did you do? What advice would you give?


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  1. Tarah

    November 20, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    Mom is manipulating the situation. She’s paying for her wants and leaving the needs LAST in priority because she knows her daughter won’t leave her without groceries, lights, or meds.
    Reverse the thinking on giving. I’ll help out on the wants (on a limited basis), but I won’t help on needs. Those should be taken care of by the person who NEEDS them. Have the chat and advise her to make some changes. If she doesn’t, perhaps the need to re-prioritize will come to her after a few days . It will take time because poor money habits have been ingrained in your Mom. She has probably been spending like this all along but post-retirement fixed income has exposed her spending. I know it’s harsh, but you can’t have problems in your own marriage or jeopardize your own financial future either.

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