Need dietAsk Rene:
How Do I Get Them To Stop
Talking About My WEIGHT?


Hi Rene: 

Ever since I was little, I have been overweight. My family and relatives have always judged me and my sister since we are both overweight. When my mother invites her friends over, they would talk and say stuff like, “Julia (me) is so big”; they would act like they were referring to my height (5’6″) but I know they are talking about my weight. I’m 13-years-old and everyone says I have a body like a grown-up and such things. 

I don’t know whether to take offense or to just brush it off. Do you ave any tips? 

Thanks if you do.

Signed: Just Julia In Jacksonville


Dear Julia:

Oh honey.. I’m not sure this will mean anything to you since I am a total stranger, but I need to tell you that you are beautiful. No matter your weight, skin color, hair texture.. whatever! How can I say that, not knowing you? Because you are; we all are. You are your own person, unique in your own way and that in and of itself is absolutely stunning. I need you to believe that, okay? Alright, now that we have established that, in terms of handling your family,  here’s what I would do if I were you.

3. Commit To A Lifetime Of Health

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And now, it's time to do something for you. No matter your size, it's time for you to commit to a healthy lifestyle. The rates of childhood obesity are unacceptable in this country and we need to do something about it. I'm not saying you need to become a world-class body builder, but you do need some form of daily exercise (you can find all kinds of programs on YouTube or just get out and walk) and you need to make better food choices. Reach for lean proteins and vegetables instead of burgers and fries. Again, you can go online and search more but if think if you just stay away from junk food, you'll feel much better. You might also ask your mom to take you to the doctor for a check-up and while you're there, ask her for some ideas to stay healthy.

Good luck honey!

That's my advice for Julia; what say you? What would you tell her to do?

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