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10 Ways To Organize Your Life

As the picture above says, not only is life more fun when you’re organized, it’s a whole lot easier, too. Think how much better life is with organization: you could direct a stranger to anything in your home, you work better and faster because every part of your life has a system, and you never miss a birthday. Need to make some changes? Keep reading for tips to organize your life and get it running like a well-oiled machine.


1. Organize Your Mind

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Essentially, the brain is a computer—capable of carrying out numerous functions to help us live. Despite the brain’s complexity, it can and will “shut down” or “freeze up” when it’s taxed. To fight this, take a few minutes every day—during the time of day when you’re most relaxed—and unload any thoughts, ideas, questions, or problems you have. When your mind is organized, it will be much easier to organize your life.