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10 From GEM: 10 Everyday Life Lessons

You know that “a-ha” moment you feel when you hear something you’ve known a long time, but the lesson really hits you? Life has many truths that we live every day, whether we realize it or not. Each day is filled with lessons and most of them are good to remember at all times. Learning lessons keeps us open to growing and becoming better people. Need to take another opportunity to learn something new? Keep reading for 10 lessons we can all take away from life every day.

1. You Are Your Own Best Friend

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You may have fair weather friends, good friends, friends until the end, and even one or two people you call “best friend.” But you must remember that you are the most wonderful friend you’ll ever have. Your relationship with yourself is the longest-running relationship in your life. Isn’t that something to be cherished? Since nobody has the power to fulfill your every need and want, learn to be everything you’ve always wanted for yourself.