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Tales From A Twin Mom: Helpful Tips For New Dads of Twins


Tales From A Twin Mom:
Helpful Tips For New Dads of Twins


Dear New Dad of Twins,

I know that you’re probably still in shock and trying to wrap your head around everything that is going on, but I want to reassure you that everything is going to be fine. Breathe in and out softly as I help you take this all in. I’m here to help. By help, I mean I’m here to point some things out to you that might not be all that obvious. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt in the line of fire…Follow me on this one and everything will be A-O-K.

Don’t come home thinking that we have this all covered. We don’t. We try our very best to make things seem normal, but this is new to us as well; and seeing you come in through the door should make us sigh in relief. Take a baby and help us get things settled. We don’t care if you have no idea what you’re doing. As long as the child is safe and occupied, it counts. You might think that this is not coming naturally to you. Do multiples come natural to anyone? While you are gone on a consistent basis, we feel like we’re slowly losing our sanity. Many of us had careers, and are now home trying to satisfy the endless needs of more than one child at a time. That cushy job we once had now seems likes a breeze! Multitasking has taken a whole new meaning now-most days we don’t feel like we’ve done nearly enough. Some days are harder than others, and we really try to get things completed, but it’s a thankless and never-ending job. A little bit of help goes a long way in our eyes. Also, we confess; sometimes we’re even bitter. Bitter that we can’t take an hour lunch, or chat online with our pals about Fantasy football. Don’t get us wrong-we do everything with love, and know that in the end this will pay off. But please, try to help us remember that we are human and lend a helping hand (showing that you are too).

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We might not be able to have dinner on the table most nights. Heck, some weeks we are lucky to be able to get it on the table one night! Please understand that we tried, and that we know what time dinner is, even though nothing is prepared. Don’t ask us what’s for dinner. Order a pizza or sandwiches on your own and let’s move on.

If you see that it’s been a couple of days since we’ve seen the light of day, dare to take the kids for a while so we can go shopping or take a nap. No, we don’t need a weekend to ourselves. Just an hour or two can work wonders. Trust me, it will help us beyond words. If you’re not that sure of yourself, heck, take them to another room and play with them while we take a nice long bath and catch up on celebrity gossip or that book we forgot about 6 months ago.

Be accepting of our mood changes. There are a lot of weird things going on in our bodies. We have a whole bunch of hormones that are driving us nutty. When this experiment in sleep deprivation is over our mood swings will be less frequent. We may not get back to the newlywed stage, but we’ll be less stressed than we are now…

Thank you for listening and YES, get that fancy chocolate on your way home. We deserve it.


Sincerely Yours (well some days),

Twin Mommy

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