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Monday Morning Motivation: The 3 D’s For Dealing With Toxic People

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Monday Morning Motivation:
The 3 D’s For Dealing With Toxic People


Hey all! It’s another Monday and you know what that means… time for some motivation!

For today’s Monday Morning Motivation, I’m going to tell you a story from my past.

About a thousand years ago, I took a job as a morning anchor at a TV station in Dallas, Texas. I was new to the job, the city and a TV market that size; to say I was a bit intimidated would be an understatement.

My first day on the job, I was touching up my face in the make-up mirror adjacent to the studio when one of my new co-workers came in and said, “Hey, you must be Rene. Hi, I’m (name withheld); we have a lot of fun here. And these people here like me a lot. So if you want to have a long, productive career here, you’ll learn to like me too.”

And then he sauntered out.

I stood there, stunned, in part because I thought, surely he was joking. But the more I worked with him, the more I realized he was not kidding that first day and that behavior was par for the course for him.

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There’s more I could say but I will not but suffice it to say I learned and grew so much and, like just about every experience in my past, it’s one I continue to draw on today.

What did I learn exactly? The 3 D’s for dealing with Toxic People.


1. Do NOT React!

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It's human nature to want attention and toxic people are no different. But here's the rub: they don't really care whether that comes in the form of barbs or strokes. They will do everything to get a rise out of you. So do not react! You spinning out of control is exactly the perverse sort of pleasure they're seeking. Word of warning; the more they see their behavior is not getting under your skin, the harder they will try so just know it will get worse before it gets better.

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