Ask Rene:
What Can I Do About This Never-Ending Injury?


Hi Rene,

I’m a big fan of your Ask Rene feature – it’s my favorite part of your site and I love hearing your common sense advice. I’m hoping you can help me too!

At the start of the year my husband, Bob slipped on a patch of ice while walking our dog. It was such a silly accident but you wouldn’t believe the problems it’s caused. Bob fell really badly and it shattered a key bone in his leg. Long story short, seven months later and he’s still on painkillers, can only walk on crutches and is in a lot of pain.

To add to Bob’s misery, his work has demanded he come to the office every day (they let him work from home for a short while) and the commute is killing him. He’s put on weight – he used to be so health conscious – and is permanently angry and depressed. And the bills are piling up due to our health insurance company not covering many of Bob’s costs.

My husband has become really quick to jump to anger – and then full of apologies – but I feel like I’m walking on eggshells around him.

Bob’s looking at at least another three months in this state and I don’t know what to do or say to make him feel better.

I’d love your sound advice, Rene!


Diana, New Hampshire



Dear Diana,

Thanks so much! Wow, it sure has been an eventful year for you and Bob. A serious injury like this can be life changing and I’m sure it’s all you can do to put your head down and soldier on, one teeny step at a time. But a bunch of teeny steps can get you to your destination if you just carry on. With that said, I think there are several areas you need to focus on.


1. Bob's Injury

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Well actually the pain management aspect of it. I have never experienced chronic pain but in talking with people who have, I understand it colors your world. I mean, imagine, not being able to go one single day where the pain was not in the forefront of your mind. So you need to make an appointment with his doctor or someone who specializes in pain management. Whether through carefully controlled medication or biofeedback, Bob has got to learn ways to deal with the pain until he gets better. I would also suggest staying away from (recreational) drugs and excessive alcohol because that will only exacerbate the situation. An exercise plan will help keep the weight under control and may aid in his mental health.