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10 Hearty Fall Meals That Are Good For You


It’s pretty easy to eat healthy foods in the summer; so many fresh fruits and vegetables are readily available. Restaurants go out of their way to create menus that reflect lighter eating. But, this is the time of year when salads for lunch is a hard sell (who wants to eat a cold salad on a cold day? Yeah, I’ll have soup, please). Just because fall foods tend to be heavier than summer foods doesn’t mean they can’t be healthy. Read on for 10 fall foods that are satisfying and healthy.

1. Pumpkin Soup

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Maybe you tend to think of pumpkins as something that go best in pie or spiced lattes. However, a pumpkin can be savory instead of, or in addition to, being sweet. Try making a delicious pumpkin soup with a little cayenne pepper and onions. Top it with roasted pumpkin seeds and wait for your taste buds take off.