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3 Reasons To Leave A Job THIS Way, Not That!


Over a period of just a couple of weeks, we’ve seen two rather high-profile resignations/retirements. The first was the on-air, expletive-laced resignation of an Alaska reporter named Charlo Green. Green resigned after revealing that she was the owner of a marijuana shop and planned to devote all future efforts toward getting weed legalized in the state (Of course, dropping the “f” bomb on air was not the only egregious infraction; Green also crossed the journalistic line by not fully disclosing her personal interests).

Then there was Derek Jeter who recently retired after 20 seasons with the New York Yankees. 20 years. Two decades! Jeter played through injury, inclement weather, less than ideal circumstances that I’m sure we’ll never know about but he played through them anyway.

Why is this important? Why have I been harping on this here and on social media? Because it’s important. Because I identify with and (please GOD) hope my children will follow Jeter’s example instead of Green’s. It’s the same one their father and I try to model and impress upon them day in and day out.

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Many of you already know my story; after several years hosting the morning show on CBS, I was unceremoniously dismissed. The back story is that, after I found out I was fired, I worked for  another three weeks, going into the studio everyday, putting on a smile and broadcasting to the nation.

Did I want to leave? Yeah. Did I want to quit, a la Charlo Green? You bet. Did I? Not on your life.

Why didn’t I? There were 3 things in my mind at the time.


1. Leave An Example

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When I look at these two people one of the things that stands out is the issue of teamwork. Charlo Green made sure (at least that moment) it was all about her. She had little regard for the anchor to whom she tossed back to after her "F" bomb. The anchor, stunned and shocked, fumbled to get to the commercial break after Green left her high and dry. I could never see the Yankees team captain thinking that way.