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The GEM Debate:

Is THIS A Detention-Worthy Offense? (POLL)


First, let me say I understand the WHY.. but perhaps this is one of those cases where what looks good on paper actually looks ridiculous in practice.

13-yearold Kyle Bradford came home from school the other day with a detention slip.


Because he gave his lunch, the one he was not hungry enough to eat, to another student who was hungry.


After watching the above video myself, it sounds like the child who ate the shared lunch would have gotten the same food had it been available for him; I can just picture the conversation that took place at the lunch table between the students and I feel that the case would be different if Kyle was sharing something homemade.

From the  school perspective, I get it; you know they probably have lawyers breathing down their necks about the liability issues raised when students share lunches.


But, an eighth grader definitely should know with no uncertainty, what he or she can and cannot eat due to allergies. Typically, if a child has allergies, it is well documented and the teachers, especially cafeteria workers, know the information as well.

But now this young man, who did what he thought was the right thing to do, was given detention?


He shared his lunch with a friend who was hungry. There was no malicious intent there. Detention is typically given when someone intentionally does something to hurt another person or to damage property or something along those lines.

Like I said, I understand why the rule is in place.. but could the school have handled this a better way? I mean really… detention?

How about having a conversation with Kyle about why the rule exists in the first place? And maybe talk about how the compassion he showed for his friend was awesome, but here’s why we don’t want you to share food with friends at school.

I mean, obviously, rules are put into place to be followed, but as a parent myself, the teacher’s last comment on the detention slip above; “policy is no sharing food, which he is fully aware of” REALLY chaps my hide. I, like Kyle’s mom mentions in the video, would not be able to support the school’s decision to give detention for “student misconduct” in this case.

What do you think about this situation? Weigh in and take the poll below!

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