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Tales From A Twin Mom:

A Letter To My Daughters
(and those that aren’t)

Having three daughters, I often find myself fearful of them becoming what they see around them. Unfortunately, we are living in a society where we choose to pay more attention to the latest celebrity breakup than to world or even local news! I hope my daughters (and other young ladies) read this and follow it; as I have a hard time picturing what the future holds for young ladies that get carried away by following the flock of “cool” girls around them.


1. Being Dumb Is Not Funny

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Sadly enough, there are a lot of young girls that believe that being dumb is funny, cool, or even attractive. WHY?! Can you not see that it's a gift to be able to answer a question correctly and with confidence? Years ago, women wanted to be able to prove themselves! We fought long and hard to be able to get the same level of education and career status as men! We fought to have a voice. Why would you ignore that progress to answer a question with “duh” or “whatever”? Why would you want to go back to an era where women are considered any less equal? Prove to the world that we are indeed smart and independent individuals who can make a difference.

For heavens sake, don't giggle when your girlfriends act dumb. It's just not cute. Read the newspaper! Watch the news. Educate yourselves and help make a difference. Trust me, that celebrity breakup will soon be old news. Be a part of something that matters! Write a letter to someone. Use your penmanship. If you don't know something, do some research. Go to the library and read an actual book. Learn. Educate yourselves. Become something grand.