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Our Story Begins: Answers To Life’s Grueling Questions


Questions on a green school board

Our Story Begins:
Answers to Life’s Grueling Questions

Ahhh . . . solo parenting. As the challenges increase, the questions never stop.

So just for you, dear reader, let me answer some basic hypotheticals people ask me on a regular basis but never really want the answers.

Q1: “How do you even do it?”

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This one gets so many answers:

Scenario 1: Working out: I do it. I’m not a Nike commercial nor am I particularly athletic. I hate it but it’s a means to an end and I like the ends that I’m seeing. No…I can never see a day where I enjoy it, become one with nature and get a zen feeling when I run in the open air. I put on headphones and run while listening to Led Zeppelin.

Scenario 2: When I work out: 5:30 or 6am. Every day (almost). I do it then because it’s the only time I have open. It’s that or continue to be tired, overweight and miserable. This way I eliminate the overweight part. I'm always tired and a 6am alarm is miserable enough.

Scenario 3: Taking care of the kids: Picture your spouse leaving, disappearing or dying. Do you shut down? Do you freak out about the fact you have to actually attempt to do laundry? Cook every single meal? How about cleaning or lunches? Do you let that overtake you? No. You simply do it. Check scenario 1…it applies. Even the Led Zeppelin.

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