PowerfulMonday Morning Motivation:
3 Keys To A Powerful Day


Hey everyone! Hope the day is starting out to be a terrific one for you.

Recently, I had two very interesting conversations and by conversations I mean Facebook interactions (does that count?)

The first was with a mother of 4 children who reached out because she was feeling off-base, like she had lost her life balance and was wondering, “Is this all there is?” The second conversation was with another friend who is undergoing some radical and monumental life change after spending a year in one of the world’s hot spots.

I was thinking about the two of them this morning  (as I was stirring at 3am… ah yes, the life of an entrepreneur) and the things we talked about are the basis of today’s Monday Morning Motivation.

1. Work Your A** Off

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I remember when I first started Good Enough Mother, I thought that I'd be a rousing success in what, say one to 2 years? And why not? I'm smart and a hard worker. But looking back on that time nearly a decade ago (a DECADE ago) I realize how foolish that was. Building something of value is a Herculean undertaking; it takes time too. I have been going at this pace for nearly 10 years and though I have made headway, by no means am I where I want to be or where I will end up. You know what you thought was hard work? Multiply that by 100 then get busy.