Monday Morning Motivation:
3 Hairy, Scary Career Fears
And How To Beat Them Back


Hey hey now.. It’s the start of another week so let me be the first to wish you Happy Monday!

Every one of us gets discouraged every now and again and I am no different. But I think the thing that separates highly successful people from everyone else is that they know how or have learned to manage those feelings. Like exercising a muscle, they recognize when self-doubt creeps in and know how to beat it back.

Did you hear that?


I actually think that’s something of an art form and one that is absolutely necessary these days, especially if you are an entrepreneur.

Okay so here are 3 of the Big, Hairy Scary career fears and strategies for gaining the upper hand.


Problem: You're Worried You'll Run Out Of Time

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This is me all day long! I'm sure it stems from the fact that I spent my career in the youth-obsessed world of TV News but that's not the only reason; I'm also worried about WHAT it is I want to do. If I don't have that figured by now then surely I won't have enough time to do whatever it is, right?