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Friday Roundup

Happy Friday, GEMs!

Another week has just about come and gone as we inch closer and closer to our Annual Survivor Stories for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Needless to say, it’s been real busy at GEM Headquarters!

Just in case it was busy in your neck of the woods too, we’ve got some of the top stories we shared this week right here for you. Take a look and have a GREAT weekend!

Creative Commons/Ian Burt

Creative Commons/Ian Burt

Can you believe it’s already Fall?! If you’re looking for some great activities to do, Alexis shared 10 (Mostly) Family Friendly Fall Activities in her weekly feature 10 From GEM.

Questions on a green school board

Dave shared Answers To Some Of Life’s Grueling Questions in his weekly series Our Story Begins.


We had a Guest Posting this week from Cody Williams who gave us some insight into his world as A Black Face Of ALS.

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Did you all hear about how former anchor Charlo Green quit her job on live TV but not before spouting off expletives? Take a look at Rene’s Top Talker: 4 Reasons NOT To Quit A Job This Way! (VIDEO) to learn more about why you should never quit a job like this.

Feet At The Spa

Do you ever have a hard time getting a pedicure because you’re SOO ticklish? If so, you’ll want to read Beauty From The Inside Out: 3 Ways To Make That Pedicure Even More Pleasant!


Andi talked about how getting along with your ex’s is important and can make dealing with each other much more pleasant in this month’s edition of Live, Love, Blend: Joining Forces With The Ex.

About to write

If you’ve raised or are in the midst of raising girls, you know the middle school years can be tough ones. Julixa wrote a wonderful, heartfelt and REAL letter to her daughters with some fantastic pointers on the things that REALLY matter in the world. Take a look at Tales From A Twin Mom: A Letter To My Daughters (and those that aren’t).