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Good Enough Mother Presents: Survivor Stories 2014!


Good Enough Mother Presents:
Survivor Stories 2014!


Hey, hey now! It’s that time a year again.. time for us to take a moment to recognize some of the hard fought battles in the breast cancer community. As you know breast cancer, its treatment and education are a big deal to me; both of my parents had breast cancer and I had a preventive, double mastectomy in 2007 due to my own breast disease.

Now I’m beyond thrilled to present the 5TH ANNUAL Good Enough Mother Survivor Stories!

What is Survivor Stories? It is as it sounds; a chance for us to recognize and celebrate those who have battled and beaten breast cancer or perhaps are still in the fight. It’s a time to come together for a collective hug and to catch our breath, if even just for a moment.

This all started years ago when I featured my mom, Anne Syler, in the first Survivor Stories. Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer post menopausal but because she found it on a regular, routine mammogram (which she was dutiful about getting), it was small. Her treatment consisted of a lumpectomy and 5 weeks of radiation. Now, 16 years later, she remains cancer-free!

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As we have done for the past 5 years, we are looking to tell some great stories about people who have had to fight one of the most formidable opponents. Do you or someone you know deserve to be featured in this year’s Survivor Stories?  It’s super easy.. all we need is you to answer the questions about your own experience and what you learned from it, return it to us along with a photo and mini bio (like 4 sentences.. really) and we’ll share your story with the world!

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The reason we do this is two-fold: we have made incredible strides over the years in the detection and treatment of breast cancer treatment. With early detection and appropriate treatment, many times people have a very good chance of beating the disease. The other thing is the shared experience; you never know whose life you will change by telling your story.

Okay, you ready?

Just drop us a line here and we’ll get the questions right out to you. And you can go HERE to read all the Survivor Stories from years past.

And don’t forget to follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for more of these incredible stories!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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