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Friday Roundup


As much as you all love Good Enough Mother, we know you might not be able to read all of the articles posted this week. We want to make sure that you don’t miss any of the great topics we touched on, so we thought we’d give you a roundup of some of our hottest stories from this past week.

Enjoy the roundup and your weekend too!

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We had a great debate last week about The Price Of Public Venting. It’s tough in this day and age with everyone having social media so easily accessible. If you missed this one, it’s not too late to weigh in.

Creative Commons/OUCHcharley

Creative Commons/OUCHcharley

On last week’s 10 From Gem series, Alexis gave us 10 Ways To Break A Bad Habit. I think everyone has a habit or two that we could stand to give up, yes?

Dave Guitar Again

Dave shared a great message for parents on Practicing What You Preach in his weekly Our Story Begins.

Young man helping senior woman

Some more positivity on parenting from Wendy who writes our bi-monthly series, Single Mom Slice Of Life. Wendy shares a story about how her older kids were “caught” helping an elderly woman in her piece, Watching Your Kids Help Others, It’s A Great Feeling!


Joani Geltman, author of A Survival Guide To Parenting Teens, shared her Life Lessons with us. If you haven’t checked out her books and you’re raising teens, you should!

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Doyin Richards of Daddy Doin’ Work has his first book on store shelves! Check out Mom’s Must Read: Daddy Doin’ Work . . . The BOOK!


Rene had a question submitted to her by a mom whose teenage daughter discovered that she’s pregnant and it’s a doozy. Check out the advice Rene gave in Ask Rene: This Baby Is Going To Ruin EVERYTHING! and weigh in with what you’d tell this soon-to-be grandmother. Oh, and if you’ve got a question you need advice on, send it in to Ask Rene!


Bennett talked about Scouting With A Compass in his monthly Raising Gaybies column. Are you or your children involved with Boy Scouts? Read the piece and tell us your thoughts.

Cheerful housewife cooking in the kitchen

Did you catch our Top Talker yesterday? Go read about The Hoopla Over The Home-Cooked Meal.. And Why It Must Stop and take the poll while you’re there!