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Ask Rene:
This Baby Is Going To Ruin EVERYTHING!

Hi Rene:

I’m the mother of three children, two of whom are away at college. My youngest child, Linda, is 16 and she is pregnant. I’m disappointed about this. Linda wants to have the baby and continue on with school. I think she should give the baby up for adoption. Call me selfish, but I know this baby will change my life in ways that I don’t want it to. I’m not interested in helping Linda raise the baby, which I would have to do because she’s living in my home. How can I get her to see that she’s ruining both our lives?


Distressed in Danbury


Dear Distressed:

At first blush, it sounds to me like you could almost taste your freedom, until Linda got pregnant. Now you’re feeling a little trapped. There’s nothing wrong with being ready to take on the next phase of your adult life once the intense child-rearing years are over. But it does sound like you have some things you need to work out, with Linda and within your own head. So here’s what I would do if I were you.

1. Identify Available Resources

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Places like the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Adolescent Health could be a great place to start; as well as other organizations like them. They might be able to point you toward valuable resources for you and Linda. You might also ask your doctor, family and friends too.